Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Health Care Providers Regarding COVID-19 Infection in Tertiary Care Hospitals of Karachi, Pakistan

  • Malick Maria Alvi
  • Ahsan Ali
  • Sara Ahmed
  • Ahmed Raheem


COVID-19 is an inciting panic that hits the world, its effects are most hard in Pakistan due to weak health infrastructure, putting the health care providers (HCPs) at high risk of exposure. Our study is a prospective cross-sectional study which analyzes the knowledge, attitude, and practice of the HCPs towards the disease. In our study, 395 health care workers were included, 52% of the HCPs were females, 64% were doctors. HCPs were found to have limited knowledge related to the transmission of disease but better knowledge regarding the protection against the disease 328[83%]. In our study 63% of HCPs had appropriate knowledge, 67% had a good practice and 52% had a positive attitude towards the disease, knowledge of the HCPs was significantly related to their good practice [p value <0.05]. This study found gaps in specific aspects of knowledge and practice that should be focused on in future awareness and educational campaigns.Keywords: COVID-19, Health care provider, Pakistan, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Transmission, Protection