Identification of Transmission Line Capacity in Power System Network Operation

  • Jamiu Babatunde Oyetola
  • Daniel Esene Okojie


Recently, the consumption of electrical power has gained continuous increase and the option of constructing generation sites at every location of power demand is no longer viable. To augment for this increase, transmission lines are now being required to transfer more power from existing generation sites to consumers. Thus, an increase in the tendency of outage occurrences and other system failures of these transmission lines. This paper focuses on the identification of transmission line capacity in the operation of power system networks. Such that a mathematical model developed and executed on a MATLAB simulation to demonstrate the determination of unutilised capacity in transmission lines network. In order to identify the available capacity, transmission line switching (TLS) power flow operation is implemented on a PowerWorld Simulator. The TLS is on a N-1 security criterion basis of sequential removal from the network of each transmission line. The operating capacity of each transmission line is then obtained by comparing the quantity of power flow to the installed capacity on the line. This comparism leads to determination of maximum amount of power flow through any transmission lines network without the occurrence of outage overload scenarios as well as provide a capability to troubleshoot power system network for any specific line overload.Keywords: Transmission line capacity; Line switching; PowerWorld simulator; Power system network operation