Investigating the Peculiarities and Significance of Socio-Spirituality of Architecture and Landscaping

  • Folakemi Alice Afeni
  • Dorcas. A Ayeni


The research aims to investigate the impact of architecture and landscape on the emotional and spiritual sensibilities of residents’ experience during the practices of worship and prayer. For as long as humans have designed spaces, they have done so to meet basic physical needs and pursue higher aspirations, including spiritual and intellectual. In the pre-modern times, spaces for worship were designed to enhance spiritual worship and aid the gathering of worshipers, though they are less prevalent now. To achieve the aim of the study, the paper explored the qualitative approach using precedent studies of existing structures of church convention centers. The literature addressed the peculiarities and significance of the church convention centre, the impact of architecture and landscape design on the socio-spiritual life of the church, and enhancing socio-spirituality through landscaping and architecture. Findings from the study revealed the importance and experience of worshippers during worship and prayer. The paper recommends that there be proper zoning of spaces and adequate structural landscaped elements be provided; the proper use of acoustic materials and a symbolic building would attract the worshippers.Keywords: Convention Centre, Landscaping, Peculiarities and Socio-Spirituality