Performance and Emission Characteristics of Mahua Biodiesel in Four Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

  • Arun Magadum
  • S. N. Sridhara


According to reports, biodiesel derived from non-edible feed, such as Mahua, Jatropha, Pongamia, is a viable option for developing countries, including India. This article presents the results of the survey on performance characteristics and emissions of the diesel engine using Mahua biodiesel. In this research, the mixtures of variable proportions of biodiesel and diesel from Mahua were prepared, analyzed with respect to the performance of diesel fuel and studied using a single-cylinder diesel engine. The thermal efficiency of the brake, the specific fuel consumption of the brake, the temperatures of the exhaust gases, Co, Hc, No and smoke emissions were analyzed. Tests showed a decrease in the thermal efficiencies of the engine brakes as the amount of Mahua biodiesel in the mixture increased. The maximum percentage reduction of the BTE (14.3%) was observed for the B-40 at full load. The temperature of the exhaust gas with the mixtures decreases as the proportion of Mahua in the mixture increases. The emissions of smoke, Co and No of the engine are increased with the mixtures in all the loads. However, the HCH emissions of Mahua from biodiesel were lower than those of diesel.Keywords: Mahua oil, Biodiesel, Alternate fuel, Diesel engine