Farmers Attitude towards the Adoption of Yellow Ginger Production in Jaba Local Government, Kaduna State, Nigeria

  • L. Ganiyu
  • S.B. Abdulkareem
  • B. Babasanya
  • R.M. Anamayi
  • A.Z. Haruna
  • O.S. Aasa
  • F.T. Ushie
  • L.G. Lapkat
  • J.A. Aaron


The attitude of farmers towards the adoption of yellow ginger production in Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State was examined using purposive sampling technique to select four wards out of the twelve wards in the local government area viz: Kwoi, Nok, Chori, and Daddu. Data were gathered through the administration of questionnaire to 20 randomly selected farmers from each of the four wards. Descriptive statistics such as frequency counts, percentage and Likert-Scale were used to describe the data. The result shows that the farmers are youth (38.8%), mostly male (63.8%), married (60%) and had tertiary (38.8%) education. Also, land acquisition was mainly through inheritance (43.8%). The level of adoption of yellow ginger farming shows that majority (80%) are adopters of the variety with favourable attitudes (≥3.0) and earned an average income of ₦252,500 per annum in the study area. However, the constraints of farmers in the adoption of yellow ginger shows that inadequate capital ranked 1st. The provision of adequate capital to facilitate yellow ginger farming in the study area; encouragement of farmers to join cooperative societies so that they can access fund among others were recommended.Keywords: Farmers, attitude; adoption and yellow ginger