Knowledge Management of Laguna State Polytechnic University to Aid in the Decision-Making Process amidst COVID-19 Crisis

  • Ronnel A. dela Cruz
  • Ma. Concepcion R. Repalam
Keywords: knowledge, knowledge management, Covid-19, organization, frequency and percent distribution


Higher educational institutions are continuously in pursuit of knowledge. It has become a key resource that helps organizations to improve their teaching, administrative role and decision-making. Using organizational resources, higher educational institutions are able to share and distribute knowledge that can affect organizational decisions especially during crisis. This study investigates how organizational resources are used in acquiring and managing knowledge to aid in the decision-making process of Laguna State Polytechnic University amidst COVID-19 crisis. Poll survey was used to gather information about the sentiment of students on their academic life after enhanced community quarantine is lifted. Using Facebook and Google Classroom, CCS faculty members were able to disseminate the survey question. Results were tallied, stored and evaluated using MS Excel. Frequency and percent distribution were used as statistical method. The study showed that organizational resources were used to utilize the information effectively. However, results of the survey are just part of the knowledge acquired in drafting policies and guidelines of the health crisis. Other factors should also be considered to be able to reach a sound decision which will affect the institution and its community.