Tenets and Principles of Business Ethics: Its Contribution to the Development of a Businessman’s Behavior

  • Francisco Tulop Roma
  • Bernardo Jeffrey Ladao Morante
  • Stephanie Grace Sael Roma
Keywords: Tenets, Principles, Business, Ethics, Development, Businessman’s Behavior


This research paper presents that knowing the tenets and principles of business ethics in effect would give a much clearer understanding of what is ethical and unethical; what is right and wrong; thereby contributing to the development of a businessman’s behavior and preventing unethical decision-making. There is much confusion regarding this topic, viz., business ethics. Most people do not have precise and specific definitions they use to define ethics related terms and issues. Terms such as ethics, morals, values, justice, law, and virtues are oftentimes intertwined and used interchangeably and you will find this is true in companies as well. That is why some managers make unethical decisions or corporate wrongdoings.