Developing Model of Special Interest Tourism Based on Acculturing Legacy of Bali-Chinese Culture

  • I.M. Sendra
  • I.W. Ardika
  • I.B.W Putra
  • I.N.D Putra
  • Y. Kristianto
Keywords: HCTL, hexahelix, emotional attachment, place attachment


The development of the mass-Chinese tourist market in Bali has emerged an antithetical response among Bali’s tourism stakeholders. This research aims to (a) identify the characteristics and development of the Chinese tourism market; (b) analyze the push and pull factors of Chinese tourists vising Bali; (c) establish the special interest tourism development model based on acculturation of Balinese-Chinese culture. The research method is descriptive qualitative. The findings of this research is A Model of Historical and Cultural Tourism Landscape (HCTL). Tourism System Model can be applied to analyze tourism phenomenon that utilizes historical and cultural heritage as tourism attraction that produces cultural acculturation tourism called diplomatical tourism.