Ferning Test Evaluation on Combined Oral Contraseptive User as a Predictor Factor for Dry Eye Syndrome

  • Rita Mailina
  • Masitha Dewi Sari
  • Aryani Atiyatul Amra
  • Marina Yusnita Albar
Keywords: Ferning Test, Dry Eye Diseases, Dry Eye Syndrome, Combined Oral Contraceptives


Purpose: To evaluate ferning test on the combined oral contraceptive user (COCs) as a predictor factor for Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) Method: This was an observational analytic design with a cross sectional approach. The assessed of this study were ferning test examination using electron microscope. Statistical analysis used was chi square test and Mann Whitney test. Result: Most subjects were aged 36-50 years old, the average use of COCs was 11,52 years, the shortest use was 1 years and the longest use was 30 years. From the chi square test, there was a significant difference between those who used COCs and who did not use COCs on the ferning test (p<0,001) prevalence ratio value of 9 times (95% Cl 4,182-19.360) and TBUT (p<0,001) prevalence ratio value of 17 times (95 % Cl 5.603-51,579), sensitivity and specificity value of ferning test were 92,6% and 85,7%. Conclusion: This study showed that COCs had prediction factor of 9 times greater in suffering DES compared to those who did not use combined oral contraceptive. Ferning test could be used as an indicator in the DES examination.