A Smart Book Reader for Visual Impairment Persons Using Dot Matrix Mechanism

  • Ayesha Siddika
  • S M Bayazid Khan
Keywords: Visual impairment, raspberry pi, OCR, audio signal, pop up, servo motors, microcontroller


A smart Book Reader for visually impairment people is a new innovation for the blind people. Here a camera module is used for capturing the image of the text. The camera’s image is provided to the image processing section. For that, here a raspberry pi is used that detects the image content and provides an output signal in the form of an audio signal. OCR is used for image processing, optical character recognition is the process of identifying the printed characters using photoelectric devices and computer software. It converts images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine encoded text from a scanned document or from text superimposed on an image. The microcontroller divides the text into a row-column format. It can consider segments as a 4x4 matrix. And finally servo motors pop up this text and also they can understand the text in the source of the sound.