Cross-Cultural Communication among Nurses in Patient Care: A Rapid Review


  • Yee Bit-Lian
  • Rosnida Abu Bakar
  • Shahedan Saeidin


assertive communication, communication barriers, cross-cultural, cultural diversity, nurses, transcultural


Culturally competent care affords several benefits to patients and nurses, resulting in a more holistic care. As the quality of nursing performance increases, nurse–patient relationships improve and treatments are more effective. The objective of this article is to review research related to the perceived cross-cultural communication among registered nurses. A rapid review included two databases search of articles published between 2012 and 2021 with inclusive and exclusive criteria. Eighteen articles were finally selected for inclusion in the review. Those articles were subjected to fundamental thematic analysis. Descriptive analysis of the study design, study location, professional areas, and study variables were documented. Six themes were identified: cultural diversity and communication, cultural conflicts and miscommunication, attitudes towards patients, needs of cross-cultural training, self-efficacy in cross-cultural communication, and cross-cultural communication and patient safety. Communication between nurses and patients from dissimilar cultures could be difficult. This implies that both nurses and patients carry beliefs, behaviours and values formed by their own culture. All these studies agree that comprehensive cultural awareness and sensitivity are needed to provide holistic care for patients from different cultural backgrounds. Caring for diverse groups of people requires competent cross-cultural training and educational courses.