Enhancing Sustainable Development through the Application of Internet of Things (IoT) Technology in Nigeria

  • Joshua Ayobami Ayeni
Keywords: Internet of Things, Sustainable development, Smart City, Ecosystem, SDG, Sustainable education


Internet of Things (IoT) like every other emerging technology is trending in the world of technology innovations and applications. IoT has continued to impact on the protection of the environment with the array of interconnected systems of digital sensors, appliances, smart city, smart watches and taken a leading role in sustainable development. This trend will be an enablement in the coming years. Sustainable development is a global concept and a process for sustainability (economic, climate, health, manufacturing, transportation, industrialization) and requires the deployment of highly efficient, reliable and hi-tech tools. These tools are the results of innovations and advancement in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) of which IoTs are now being focused upon. IoTs have become the main driving force for sustainable development. In this research, the prospect of the application of this technology (IoT) was considered and presented as a recipe to the myriad of problems confronting sustainable developments of Nigeria’s developmental programs. Key challenges of sustainable development are presented and attempts to overcome these challenges analyzed and how the technology could be applied to achieve sustainability.