The Doctrine of ‘Responsibility to Protect’: Look Back the Israeli Blockade on Gaza Strip in 2007

  • Huan Tuong Vo
Keywords: Responsibility to Protect, R2P, crimes against humanity, Israeli Blockade, humanitarian intervention, human rights protection


As state members of the international community recognize the need to prevent war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing, and to protect the world people from their impacts, the doctrine of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ has been developed and promoted since the United Nations General Assembly – World Summit 2005. Thereby, it is not only a state’s responsibility to prevent and protect its citizens from the abovementioned crimes, but also the responsibility of the world community to help preventing, intervening, and rebuilding when such crimes happen. However, after its promotion in 2005, the world community still struggles to intervene effectively on the on-going conflict between Israel and the Hamas party representing the Palestinians. This paper looks back the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2007 and indicates several limitations in the implementation of this doctrine, as well as to emphasize the crucial role of ‘prevention’ part, especially in case where crimes against humanity occur because of incomplete resolve of war crimes.