Development of Islamic Religious Education Module Anti-Radicalism and Terrorism Nuance on Islamic Religious Educational Subject: Validity Test


  • Syahrizal *
  • Febrina Riska Putri
  • Liza Yulia Sari


Radicalism and terrorism can enter various circles, such as society, in schools, and college. In college radicalism and terrorism can easily grow and develop because of the lack of understanding and knowledge of Islamic religion owned by students. Because the lecturer of Islamic Religious Education course (IRE) should be able to nurture students to avoid the negative action of radicalism and terrorism. One of the efforts that can be done by IRE lecturers is to develop IRE modules with nuanced anti-radicalism and terrorism. The purpose of this research is to develop a module of IRE nuanced antiradicalism and terrorism that is valid on the subject of IRE. This research uses a development research design with 4-D models. This development model consists of 4 stages, namely definition, design, development, and dissemination. This study is limited to the module validity stage. The result of the research shows that IRE module developed is valid with criterion 82,70%. Islamic religious education module nuanced anti-radicalism and terrorism can be used in the course of IRE and can prevent students from negative action anti-radicalism and terrorism.Keywords: module, anti-radicalism and terrorism, validity test, Islamic religious education