Challenges Faced by Secondary School Teachers and Learners in the Implementation of Practical Skills and Possible Solutions for the Realization of Vision 2025 among Ordinary Level Secondary School Learners in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

  • Kezia J. Mashingia
  • J. M. Malusu
  • Kireti
Keywords: Implementation, Practical Skills, Challenges, Vision


Vision 2025 recommends that education should lead to high quality livelihood for all Tanzanians. Challenges and possible solutions of implementing practical skills have not been documented in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania, hence the researcher investigated them. This study employed convergent mixed methods research design with questionnaires, interview guide, document analysis and observation schedules. Major challenges were difficulty in preparing practical skill activities, inadequate qualified secondary school teachers in practical skill subjects and inadequate funding of practical skill facilities. Possible solutions included education planners to plan refresher courses for teachers and enough budget for practical skill activities. Recommendations included, all secondary schools should consider introducing at least one practical skill subject focused in the study such as agriculture.