Designing and Improving Parliamentary Human Resource Policies and Procedures: Nigeria Experience

  • Yoshifumi Harada
  • Orraya Suwanno
  • Ndanusa Mohammed Manzuma-Ndaaba
Keywords: Parliamentary, Human Resources, Policy, Procedures, Strategies, Improvement


Human resource management (HRM) is the hallmark for other resource management strategies. It takes human initiatives to manipulate other resources to generate the needed outcome. In government bureaucracy, HRM is regarded as a process from hiring to firing or better put, from entry to exit. Parliament or legislature as an arm of government runs its own bureaucracy with peculiarities. This review paper critically examined the roles of human resource management designing and improving policies and procedures in parliamentary administration of a developing country like Nigeria. The paper highlights the functions and responsibilities of HRM and strategic implementation system. It also covers policies and procedures specifically adopted for improved service delivery which form recommendations of the study.