Study on the Relationship between Employee Perception about the Fairness of the Reward System and Job Satisfaction of Generation Y Employees in Cambodia


  • Eing Kanyi
  • Nhor Sanhei


job satisfaction, Generation Y employees, perception, Cambodia


Fairness is a controversial subject and many academics and researchers bring it into discussion. The rewards given are perceived when the employees depend on the scope of three components of justice to be equal and equitable. It is the key reason that the current study on the relationship between employee perception about the fairness of the reward system and job satisfaction of Generation Y employees in Cambodia. The research develops a quantitative approach to data collection and interpretation. Based on the findings, there is a high correlation between those variables to the relationship between organizational fairness in compensation and job satisfaction. Hence, due to the fact that it has a positive effect on the job satisfaction of Generation Y employees, the institution should consider the current system or implementation to provide fairness in rewards. The recommendation for researchers is to broaden the scope of the study to other Generation X or Generation Z, or to equate it with other generations in order to see a different perspective.