The Mediating Effect of IT Capability on the Relationship between Knowledge Management Processes and Organization Performance in Jordanian ICT Companies: A Conceptual Framework


  • Wasef Ibrahim Almajali
  • Khairol Anuar Ishak
  • Siti Noratisah Mohd Nafi


knowledge management process, IT capability


Nowadays, organizations in all business aspects are coming to view knowledge management as one of the most valuable and strategic assets and looking for new ways to improve their performance through multiple strategies such as IT capability and knowledge management processes which should be already embedded in organization. The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between knowledge management processes, IT capability and organizational performance in the context of information and communication technology sector (ICT). More specifically, it develops a new conceptual framework about the mediating effect of IT capability on the relationship between knowledge management processes and organizational performance. This model would help decision-makers, practitioners and managers involved in ICT sector enhance their perceptions of knowledge management process and consider the significant role of knowledge management process and IT capability in improving organizational performance. Further, the scope for future study is to test and validate the proposed model by collecting the primary data from ICT companies.