A Conceptual Framework of Total Quality Management (TQM) Practices and Organization Performance for Jordanian ICT Companies

  • Wasef Ibrahim Almajali
  • Khairol Anuar Ishak
  • Siti Noratisah Mohd Nafi
Keywords: total quality management, organization performance


The present paper seeks to review the literature regarding the relationship between total quality management practices (TQM) and organization performance (OP) in the information and communication technology sector (ICT) in Jordan. Also, it develops a new conceptual framework for this relationship. This paper has adopted practices of TQM based on the national award in Jordan called "King Abdullah II Award for Excellence" (KAAE). This model would help decision-makers, practitioners, and managers of TQM have a better understanding of the TQM practices and focus on identified practices while applying TQM in the Jordanian ICT companies. Further, it is necessary to test the validity of this model later by collecting the primary data from ICT companies.