A Linguistic Analysis of Prayers in Yorùbá Greeting Forms

  • Oluwatoyin Mary OLAIYA
  • Oluwole Samuel AKINTOYE
Keywords: greetings, prayers, culture, Yorùbá people


Greetings are one of the main pillars of Yorùbá cultural heritage. Yorùbá people have specialized greetings for virtually every kind of situation conditioned by their everyday living experiences. However, as essential as greeting is, findings show that there used to be a mix-up between prayer and greetings, such that prayers are misrepresented for greetings. Hence, this forms the basic discussion of this paper. The data collection relies on text materials on prayers and greetings, and the informants are selected elderly people in Èkìtì. The descriptive approach is adopted. The paper suggests that prayers should not be taken for greetings.