Evaluating Water Flooding Performance Prediction using Software Program for Determination of Basic Data

  • Akpoturi Peters
  • O.B.A Usuolori
  • Oby Katherine Ejelonu
Keywords: primary and secondary oil recovery, pressure, waterflooding, breakthrough, decline, saturation, reservoir energy and permeability


Secondary oil recovery is an essential optimal ultimate hydrocarbon recovery most especially when the reservoir pressure has declined considerably due to primary production. Waterflooding is one of the most common method frequently employed for this purpose. However, owing to huge capital requirement for the waterflooding project, there is a need to predict the project’s performance before investing in it. There are several methods of evaluating waterflooding performance. The time, cost and data (both primary and secondary) required for each of these methods vary from one to another; so also the details and accuracy they provide. This work develops a general, simple, accurate and user friendly software program for the determination of basic secondary data: Water Saturation at Breakthrough; Average Water Saturation at Breakthrough; Fractional Water Flow at Breakthrough; Fractional Oil Flow at Breakthrough. The data are required by virtually all the prediction methods for complete evaluation of waterflooding project from few primary data (oil-water relative permeability data). This program is essential in order to reduce the cost and the time required for the determination of these data using the conventional, cumbersome manual calculations and laying of tangents to fractional flow curve.