Online Versions of Mainline Newspaper Readers’ Perception of NCDC Updates of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Nigeria


  • Gloria Nneka Ono
  • Chinwe Mirian Odionye
  • Chiazor Anthonia Chiaghana
  • Gloria Nwakego Chukwuemeka


Online version, mainline newspaper, NCDC, perception, COVID-19


The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is Nigeria’s national public health institute charged with the responsibility of leading the preparedness, detection and response of infectious disease outbreaks and public health emergencies. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the NCDC has been updating Nigerians through the media on the confirmed cases of the pandemic which Nigerians receive with mixed feelings because of the controversies surrounding COVID-19 outbreak and presumed insincerity of Nigerian Government. This study sought to find out the perceptions of online versions of mainline newspaper readers in Anambra State about NCDC updates of the confirmed cases. An online descriptive survey using WhatsApp platform was conducted among a sample of the online version of mainline newspaper readers in the State. Google form questionnaire was the instrument for data collection. Findings showed that 96 percent of the readers in the State perceived NCDC updates to be misinformation. Selective Perception Theory aptly predicted the outcome of the study. The researchers recommended that the health agency should include names, pictures and places of abode of people confirmed as infected alongside its updates for more believability and COVID-19 compliance.