Practicality and Effectiveness of Biological Liveworksheets in Measuring High School Students' Critical Thinking Skills

  • Muhammad Zaini
  • Sri Amintarti
  • Lalu Anang Ilmy
  • Deby Rahmadayanti
  • Qathrin Nada
  • Nadya Hilmia
  • Rabiatul Adawiyah
  • Rizqa Mardhatilah
Keywords: development research, critical thinking skills, liveworksheets


This development research aims at explaining the practicality and effectiveness of biological liveworksheets in measuring students' critical thinking skills. The study used Tessmer's model, expert tests, individual tests, small group tests, and field tests. Critical thinking skills are acquired through small tests and field tests. The research was conducted for six months (July-December 2021) at Sma Negeri 1 Sungai Tabuk Banjar Regency. The study subjects tested a small group of four students and one partner teacher, a field test research subject of 18 students and three partner teachers. Research instruments use problem items when working on liveworksheets. The results of the study concluded 1) liveworksheets have been used based on student responses when using this book, namely a) ease of learning the contents of the book, b) clarity of commands given, c) availability of time, d) how to teach and learn resources, and e) interest in subject matter. 2) be able to measure critical thinking skills and excellent results i.e. a) interpretation, b) analysis, c) evaluation, d) inference, e) explanation, and f) self-regulation. The results of this study were also consistent when field tests were conducted. Based on the results of research, liveworksheets prototypes can be used in class X high school.