A Discourse of Selected Cases of Media Escapes


  • John Ayodele Oyewole


Media, Media Escapes, Electronic Gadgets, Security


The role of the media in this modern time for tracking down criminals and getting them arrested and prosecuted is really overwhelming. With recent technological advancement and increased use of media for escape, this paper assesses the relevance of the media in exposing crimes and criminals by exploring cases of media escapes through secondary sources. This work is basically expository, as it mainly shows and explains how the media and electronic gadgets have been used and continue to be the hope of victims in various awful situations. It brings to fore the strength of the media and the electronic gadgets as an effective platform to gain immediate governments or non-governmental bodies’ attention for citizens' outcry for help and rapt response to various imbroglios resulting to reformation process of a world free of threats. The theoretical approach used in the study are: uses and gratifications theory on the part of the victims and the social responsibility media theory on the part of the responsible agents in coming to the rescue of the victims. Both theories further affirm the use and the relevance of the media and electronic gadgets in our contemporary society. It is concluded that social media are not only becoming the most effective communication vehicle that provide people to share their ideas, knowledge, and thoughts, they are also becoming increasingly useful in terms of security and escaping dreadful situations.