A Sociolinguistic Analysis of the Language of the Media

  • I. A. Ariremako
  • K. Badmus-Lawal
Keywords: Language, Journalese, Headlines, Grammar, Internet


This study explores the sociolinguistic analysis of the media. The paper subtly demonstrates how everyman’s/writer’s language varies according the extent of his knowledge. Sociolinguistics therefore provides more insight into the place of language in the society, details of interactions and their relation to the social context of linguistic diversity. The study adopts multimodal interaction analysis for analysis. It is discovered that the nature of interaction in media is multimodal. Secondary data were used to establish the arguments of researchers on the subject of discussion. This involved critical review of relevant works published in scholarly journals, books, proceedings of conferences. The study concludes that adequate and effective principles, features concepts are sinequanon or germane in a sociolinguistic analysis of the language of the media.