Implementing Strategic Changes and Reinvigoration of Growth Stall Points in Manufacturing Industry

  • Macaulay E. Wegwu
Keywords: growth stall points, reinvigorating growth stall points, strategic change implementation


The very essence of this research was to theoretically elucidate the relationship between implementing strategic changes and reinvigorating growth stall points in Nigeria manufacturing industry. All manufacturing organizations globally have great desire for growth which is in alignment with the stakeholders and customers’ expectations. The basic reason for this research stems from the fact that most organization’s senior managers in most cases felt satisfied with their levels of market shares and thus, felt reluctant to be proactive in anticipating signs of changes from global external and internal environments that necessitates growth stall points and taking preventive measures. This research, thus, ex-rayed the implications of the global environments on growth stall points, how growth stall points can be reinvigorated by implementing strategic changes based on related literature. The study made use of an extensive descriptive research method and review of related literature. The findings revealed that implementation of strategic changes is very significant in reinvigorating growth stall points. As a consequence, the research recommended that management of manufacturing organizations should be proactive in anticipating global changes and resort to implementing strategic changes as strategic option for reinvigorating growth stall points, and thus, concluded that growth stall points can be reinvigorated by senior managers through proactively anticipating changes and implementation of strategic changes.