Brand Equity Influencing the Purchase Intention: A Concept Paper

  • S. Kalaimahal
  • V. Kumaradeepan


This paper reviews the literature on brand equity influencing the purchase intention giving emphasis on consumer behavior specially brand oriented concept. Researcher aims to find out the relationship between brand equity and purchase intention and provides a comprehensive pool of literature relating to the said relationship. The purpose of this paper is to identify and reveal available literature related to brand equity, consumer behavior and purchase intention using research papers, online databases, conference articles, masters or degree dissertations and alternative connected revealed info that are directly relevant to the same relationship. At this review extended abstracts even considered but full text of each article was reviewed to eliminate those that were not actually related to disciplines. However, unpublished working papers were excluded. Further, it provides a comprehensive idea developed on brand equity and purchase intention from its populated period (1980) to the date (2015). It was found how purchase intention relates to brand equity.Keywords: brand equity, purchase intention, consumer behavior