The Selection Methodology of an Optimum Location for a Public Food Enterprise

  • Olga Tabunşcic
  • Svetlana Fedorciucova
  • Valentina Calmâș
  • Adrian Bulican
Keywords: location, competition, customers, function, demand


In this article are analyzed several factors that influence the choice of the geographical location of public catering units and is developed and presented a mathematical model that allows the formation of demand for public catering services for a cafe catering unit in any part of the territory in question. When elaborating the demand function that allowed the mathematical modeling, there were taken into account several factors such as: the distances to the nearby enterprises whose employees are potential customers; distances to the blocks of flats where people who may also be potential customers live; the number of employees at each of the nearby businesses; the number of inhabitants in the residential block of flats; the service capacity of the competing enterprises and the ratio between the distances from the enterprise - competitor to the enterprise - customer. Using the method of scores provided by experts, for each group of factors were developed their significance coefficients with an influence on the choice of the public catering unit optimal location. Also, there is presented the algorithm of the model for identifying the optimal location for a new cafe-type public catering unit in the Ciocana sector in Chisinau.