Attributes of Effective EFL Lecturer: A Case Study of Afghan EFL Undergraduate Learners' Perspectives at a Public University in Afghanistan

  • Hashmatullah Tareen
  • Sayeed Ahmad Qani
  • Attuallah Muhammadi
Keywords: Attributes, Effective lecturer, EFL Learners, Perspectives


The aptitude of the lecturer to assist learners to understand and integrate information, determines students to learn, to inspire students, and to be adored depends on the quality of teaching and learning. Since EFL learners have a direct relationship with the EFL lecturer, it was necessary for the researcher to identify EFL learners’ perspectives regarding effective attributes of EFL lecturers. To achieve this, the data were gathered through mix method. The sample size included 104 EFL learners and 5 respondents for interview. The results identified items that received utmost consideration by learners. Items such as encouraging learners and having a positive attitude in general in socio-affective category, having enough expertise in content knowledge category, providing clear explanation and convincing learners’ active participation in classroom activities, well prepared for lessons, and being responsible and enthusiastic about the teaching profession, were the strongly agreed and most important items. EFL lecturers should use these outcomes as a benchmark to better understand their practices and the needs of their learners for the heightening of the learning process.