Performance Management and Quality Performance in Higher Educational Institutions in Ghana

  • Yamima Dauda
Keywords: performance management, quality performance practices, human resource management


In the present day, rivalries among companies globally appear to be responsible for shaping their strategies in a time when quality is of great significance, and productivity is realized through the well-thought-out employment of human resources. Performance management is a key organizational paradigm whose tenets are indispensable in all enterprises, as it inspires workers, enriches corporate objectives and directs operations at every level. This paper attempts to establish whether a relationship exists between performance management practices and quality performance in public higher educational institutions (HEIs) in Ghana. It was designed as a case study in which some public universities were selected as units of analysis using a quantitative approach. The findings revealed a moderate positive correlation between Quality Performance Practices and Performance Management (PM) Practices in public higher educational institutions (HEIs) in Ghana. Further analysis showed that a unit change in PM Practice will cause Quality Performance Practices to increase by 0.225, approximately 23% and vice versa.