Methodology of Psychological Personality Design

  • N. A. Makarchuk


This article presents the author's concept of psychological personality design. The innovative conditions of the modern technologization of human life (the lack of prediction and control over technological collapses, the total introduction of the sociomatrix of averaged life) are revealed, and the destructive consequences of their implementation are described. The constitutional, mental and social factors of psychological design are justified from the perspective of an interdisciplinary approach. The laws of psychological design, namely the regulatory-adaptive nature of the psyche and the functions of reflection and perception, are described. The psychological mechanism, personal self-regulation, is revealed, and the strategies of the self-regulatory activity of psychological design are dicussed: planning, modeling, forecasting, correction and effectiveness of activity. The concept of psychological design is developed. Its content is defined as a project in which the matrix of a person’s attitude to himself/herself, to reality, and to himself/herself as a subject and an object is reproduced. The main difficulties of the practice of working with psychological design within the boundaries of the methodology of interdisciplinary psychotherapy are indicated.Keywords: psychological personality design, technology, self-regulatory activity of the psyche, interdisciplinary approach, personal self-regulation