Contribution of Satellite Imagery to Hydrogeological Prospecting in Basement Aquifers (Méri, Far North Cameroon)

  • Frédéric Mounsi
  • Abdoul Aboubakar
  • Aurore Gisèle Maffo Kankeu
  • David Ikome Lyonga
  • Auguste Ombolo
Keywords: aquifers, fractures, groundwater, Far North


This work aims to map and analyze the role of fractures in the productivity of basement aquifers in the Far North Region of Cameroon. The analysis of data from existing boreholes and those collected during field campaigns made it possible to evaluate the existing resource. The superposition of the borehole map with that of fractures made it possible to analyse the link between the latter and groundwater circulation. The main direction of the fractures is determined through the analysis of the directional rosettes of these lineaments, those of the fractures of the geological map and those measured on the outcrops during field campaigns. The superposition of the drilling map to that of the lineaments reveals that fracture crossings are the most suitable areas for the implementation of future high-throughput drilling. Four classes of drilling potential are identified: bad 38%, average 30%, good 21% and excellent 11% of the study area.