The Essence and Specificity of Forming the Technological Competence of Technologists in the Process of Professional Training


  • L. B. Kulinenko


This article presents the results of the empirical study of the problem of forming the technological competence of technologists in the process of professional training. The personal, professional and technological components of technological competence are revealed, the criteria for their formation are defined, the functions ensuring its implementation are described, as well as the competencies are stated. The study defines the pedagogical conditions of the effectiveness of technological competence development: the differentiated character of technological activity, the spectrum of competencies of a technologist serving as the components of its content, and the constructive professionally directed interpersonal interaction in the educational process. The effectiveness of the competence-based approach in technological competence development is proved. The model of the professional training of a technology education specialist in the context of ensuring the effectiveness of technological competence development is presented. The content of technological competence levels (non-professional, elementary, preprofessional, professional) is disclosed, and the specificity of their manifestations and features is described.

Key words: technological competence, technology, technology education specialists, competence-based approach, modeling, professional training