Emerging Trends of Corporate Frauds and Financial Shenanigans: Analytical Review with Respect to India

  • Abhijit S. Kelkar
Keywords: Ethical Issues, Financial Metrics, Corporate Governance, Financial Statements Frauds


As the number and importance of a corporation's stakeholders grows, they must be treated equally and fairly. Corporate fraud and misconduct can take both macroeconomic and microeconomic forms. Corporate fraud has become a major global issue as commerce and technology have become increasingly interconnected. Corporate governance and regulatory procedures are causing a lot of concern. In rapidly expanding economies, businesses and their employees are becoming increasingly concerned about ethical issues. False or misleading financial information will not be tolerated by businesses. When a company intentionally misrepresents its financial results in order to gain an unfair advantage over its competitors, this is known as financial statement fraud. A look at a large corporation's financial health. Because of their devious accounting, they are able to get away with it. If you want to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future, you must go back and examine exactly what went wrong. Retail investors require more information about a company than is available to the general public. Researchers in India's pharmaceutical industry have discovered financial statement fraud using the Earnings Quality, De Angelo, and Beneish models. Based on the evidence presented thus far, they've been found guilty of financial statement fraud. The findings of the researchers could persuade investors that a company's financial metrics are a good predictor of its future financial success.