Cooperative Performance during Pandemic: An Explanatory Research of Women's Cooperative in Surabaya, Indonesia

  • Qonita Yudhistiana
  • Indrawati Yuhertiana
Keywords: Mastery of Information Technology, Role of Stakeholders, Value of Tanggung Renteng, Cooperative Performance


The purposes of this study are to test and at the same time make observations on how effective the mastery of information technology, the role of stakeholders, and the value of tanggung renteng are at the Setia Bhakti Wanita Women's Cooperative Surabaya during the Covid-19 pandemic in Bhakti Wanita Surabaya City. Besides using a questionnaire to collect data, this study also used interview data, website data, and direct observation. Quantitative testing found that the Variables of Mastery of Information Technology and Role of Stakeholders ​​had a significant effect on cooperative performance. This is supported by the results of qualitative tests with interviews and direct observations which state that all variables have a close correlation with improving the performance of cooperatives, the especially variable value of tanggung renteng the Covid-19 pandemic. This research is also by the three basic theories used, namely the theory of technological determination, stakeholder theory, and goal-setting theory. The results of this study are expected to be used as a reference in developing and researching technology, the role of stakeholders, and the value of tanggung renteng in improving cooperative performance.