Factors Prevalence of Low Back Pain among Urology and Nephrology Intensive Care Unit Nurses: Preliminary Study

  • Binti Mohamat Isa Nurul Fadilah
  • Bit-Lian Yee
Keywords: nurses, lower back pain, prevalence, urology unit, nephrology intensive care, musculoskeletal disorder


Background. Nursing is an occupation associated with high risk of developing low back pain due to its nature work practice especially to intensive care nurses. Objectives. This study aimed to identify the factors prevalence of low back pain among urology and nephrology intensive care unit nurses at a selected public hospital, Kuala Lumpur. Method. The research design chosen in this study is an exploratory quantitative design. The questionnaire used in this study was created by Jonathan Branney and Dave Newell in 2009. It contains 34 items of questions using multiple choice and open-ended questionnaire, distributed to 30 registered nurses. Methodology. The researcher intends to target the population of all registered nurses working in urology and nephrology intensive care unit. The sample size of population is 30 registered nurses as calculated. In this study, convenience sampling methods are used to enroll eligible participants. The researcher had distributed letter of invitation together with consent form to registered nurses in the urology and nephrology intensive care unit. Finding. The significant factors of LBP among urology and nephrology intensive care unit nurses in this study are personal factors such as pregnancy associated LBP (p = 0.042) and professional factors, which are years of working experiences (p= 0.001), working hours per week (p = 0.003) and overtime hours (p = 0.022). Conclusion. It was determined that 50% of the nurses in this preliminary study in urology and nephrology intensive care unit experienced low back pain, and especially those who are pregnant.