Distributed Systems: Concepts, Principles, Models and Algorithms

  • Abdulaziz A. Al-Zubaidi
  • Khalid K.A. Abdullah
  • Muhammed K. Dauda
  • Mohammed S. Al-Yahya
  • Mohammed J. Al-Haddad
Keywords: Distributed systems, Parallel computing, Shared memory, Message passing, Clock synchronization


Distributed systems properties, implementation, models, and architecture is a point of dilemma to many newbies, and also those with little knowledge, several explanations from non-practitioners are misleading. In this paper we discuss these concepts and clear the air for newbies to the field to have essential knowledge that can help them further their knowledge. To effetely give justice to the matter we must define several properties and models. We believed that all available systems satisfy these properties. The objective of this paper is to provide a roadmap to the reader with a better view of distributed system aspect, related implementation, and models.