The Effect of Family Environment and Entrepreneurship Knowledge on Interest in Entrepreneurship in Papuan Native Students in Jayapura, Indonesia

  • Fadriansyah Fachril
  • Ida Aju Brahmasari
  • Riyadi Nugroho
Keywords: Family environment, Entrepreneurship knowledge, Entrepreneurship interest


This study aimed to prove and analyze the influence of family environment and knowledge of entrepreneurship on entrepreneurial interest in Papuan native students in Jayapura, Indonesia. The population in this study is in the final stage. It is undergoing lectures at 12 universities in Jayapura, Indonesia with a total sample of 223, and the data collection method uses a questionnaire. Data analysis uses IBM SPSS version 25. The data results prove that the family environment has a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial interest. Entrepreneurial knowledge has a significant effect on entrepreneurial interest. Family environment and knowledge of entrepreneurship simultaneously affect the interest in entrepreneurship.