Iraqi Waste Management Centre (IWMC): A Study and a Proposed Solution for Solid Waste Management in Iraq


  • Israa Shaker Tawfic


Iraq, Sorting waste, Solid waste, Waste management, Recycling


Iraq witnessed many wars and problems, resulting in a lot of waste harmful to humans and the environment. Poor handling of solid waste will lead to inevitable disaster. Most of the methods used are burning or landfill. This paper proposes the formation of an Iraqi Waste Management Centre (IWMC) to solve the waste problem and make it an important source of income and contribute to providing job opportunities and reducing the import of some raw materials from abroad by the method of integrated waste treatment, which depends on reducing waste disposal by raising the level of awareness of citizens and society by sorting, collecting and recycling of waste and the establishment, operation and maintenance of waste treatment facilities. A full suggestion for action plan produced here is represented by providing a full explanation of the most important tasks of this center, its Action, Contribution and Activities, who are the partners and the nature of their work, the risk they face, budget, and timeline for the duty entrusted to the center.