Implications of Incorporating History in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Concepts in the Classroom: A Literature Review


  • Toinpere Mercy FREDERICK-JONAH
  • Ayibanoa Timipa EGBE
  • Aggrey Richman OLOTU


History, performance, mathematics, teaching, learning


The study of mathematics has largely been characterized by difficulties in understanding by students and unimpressive performance, especially in external examinations. As a result of this, the need to employ innovations in the teaching and learning of mathematics concepts has been recognized and has resulted in a variety of studies. This review explored how history can be incorporated into the teaching and learning of mathematics as a way of enhancing the mathematics instructional process. Mathematics just like any other field is characterized by a rich history, with several trends that resulted in its current state and nature. This literature also explored ways and approaches with which history can be incorporated into mathematics teaching and learning, the implications, potential benefits, and challenges. This review revealed that incorporating history in the teaching and learning process in the classroom can potentially enhance the mathematics learning outcomes, but there exist many challenges that might influence the process negatively, which need to be addressed before one can reap the beneficial results. Recommendations were proffered among others that curriculum planners should include the history of mathematics concepts in the mathematics curricula at all levels of education.