Effects of Corn Cob Ash (CCA) on Strength and Microstructural Characteristics of Laterized Concrete

  • Ilesanmi O. OLOFINTUYI
  • Kayode D. OLUBORODE
  • Silas A. OLADAPO
Keywords: Corn cob ash, Microstructural, Laterized concrete, Compressive strength, Lightweight concrete


The study is aimed at studying concrete incorporated with laterite and corn cob ash. Corn cob ash (CCA) was substituted at 0, 5, 10 and 20% for certain in cement concrete mixes of cement, laterite as coarse aggregates, river sand as fine aggregate and water. Microstructure and strength of the samples in compression were evaluated using scanning electron microscopy, X-Ray fluorescence for the microstructure characterization and compressive test machine for the strength test from test results. It was observed that the compressive strength decreased as the CCA content increased in addition it was found that density of CCA-laterized concrete decreased with CCA content. Furthermore, the microstructural analysis of CCA laterized concrete showed a good microstructure and fewer pores, as no cracks were observed on the microstructure of the sample with different CCA substitution. From this test result CCA as a cement substitute does not increase the strength properties of the concrete sample. Compressive strength reduced from 25N/mm2 to 18.5N/mm² for CCA 0-20% substitution. However, due to the observed reduction in density with the addition of CCA, CCA laterized concrete is recommended for lightweight construction.