Sustainable Development: Young Vietnamese People and Factors Affecting Green Consumerism

  • Huan Tuong Vo
  • Viet Quoc Le
Keywords: green consumerism, purchasing behavior, young people, developing country, sustainable development


Modernity is spreading at a rapid pace and putting the world's environmental sustainability on the verge of extinction. In Vietnam, people start to recognize that their purchase habits somewhat affect the ecosystem; as a result, people adjust their buying behavior and strive to become green consumers. Environmentally friendly products and services have recently become popular all over the world, and they help to protect and preserve the environment. This study investigates the green buying behavior of young Vietnamese people by examining five relevant factors, including environmental concerns, attitudes toward green products, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, and purchase intention. Data (sample size of 311 respondents) was obtained from persons aged ranging between seventeen to thirty in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. According to the findings, all five factors have proven to influence purchasing behavior, with the perceived importance of environmental concerns being the most influential element leading to green purchasing behavior of young people in Vietnam.