Design Analysis of Segregated Blade Plastic Shredder

  • W.A. Akinfiresoye
  • S.A. Adebayo
  • I.H. Oladebeye
  • D.O. Akinwumiju
Keywords: plastic shredder, waste, efficiency


An existing conical blade plastic shredder with shredding efficiency of 53% was modified by changing the conical cutting blade to a serrated one. The shredder has the feeding unit, the shredding unit, the discharge unit, the prime mover and the frame. Waste polyvinylchloride (PVC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) types of plastic were used for the performance evaluation. The average output mass of the plastic shredded showed that PVC has a higher chips output of 823.57 g when compared to that of PET of 724.27 g. The time taken to shred PVC on the average for the three runs was 0.11 hour or 7 minutes, which is lesser than that of PET with 0.17 h or 10 minutes. The average sizes of the chips were 2.70 mm2 and 3.03 mm2 for PVC and PET respectively. The average specific mechanical energy when shredding PVC was 0.10 KG/KJ, which was lower than 0.18 KG/KJ of PET. The throughput when shredding PVC was 7.80 Kg/h on the average, which is higher than PET of 4.41 Kg/h. The shredder efficiency was 82.36 % and 72.43 % for PET and PVC shredding respectively.