The Spread of Meningitis: A Compartmental Mathematical Model

  • Shehu Sidi Abubakar
  • Maniru Ibrahim
Keywords: Meningitis, Mathematical Model, Numerical Simulation


Meningitis has been among the infectious diseases affecting the African continent especially countries within the meningitis belt (East and West Africa). In this report, we formulated a model to investigate the spread dynamics of meningitis, the model divided the total population into four mutually disjoint compartments, Susceptible (S), Carrier (C), Infectious (I), and Removed (R). The model was solved both analytically and numerically, and also the expression for basic reproduction number (ℜ0) was derived. In the model analysis some parameter values were altered and the effects of the changes on the basic reproduction number (ℜ0) were observed. The model analysis discovered that immediate intervention is a strong factor in the control of meningitis.