Current Therapeutic Approaches and Future Prospects for Diabetes Management: A Comprehensive Review

  • Saadeddine Abouzahr
  • Khaled Khodr
  • Rawasei Shtewi
  • Hilda E. Ghadieh
  • Muriel T. Zaatar
Keywords: diabetes, insulin, physiology, therapeutic options


Diabetes is a common disease worldwide which prevalence has been increasing and affecting millions of lives in the world. The recently released innovations on diabetes management have delivered promising outcomes and future perspectives of studies continue to bring hopes to patients with diabetes. This review discusses the major types of diabetes and their physiology. The different treatment options as well as future therapeutic perspectives are also highlighted. Research on diabetes control is continuous, and new treatment options are being daily studied in order to improve patients’ safety and quality of life even 100 years after the discovery of insulin. A deeper understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology associated with this multifactorial disease would ensure the development of safe, effective and long-lasting therapeutic options.