Factors Influencing Women Participation in Shea Butter Production in Kaiama Local Government, Kwara State, Nigeria

  • L. Ganiyu
  • S.B. Abdulkareem
  • O.S. Adelani
  • T.O. Ademola
  • J.A. Aaron
  • A.Z. Haruna
  • F.O. Alabi
  • F.T. Ushie
  • B.O. Oni
Keywords: participation, shea butter, processing


The study examines factors influencing women participation in shea butter production (SBP) in Kaiama Local Government Area of Kwara State. Multi-stage sampling technique was employed to select 60 shea butter processors in three (3) purposively selected wards dedicated to SBP viz; Wojibe, Gwanabe 1 and Kemanji wards. Primary data were gathered through the administration of questionnaires to 60 randomly selected women from each of the six communities in the three wards. Descriptive statistics and probit regression were used to analyse the data. The result shows that shea butter producers were chiefly (100%) females, married (87%) with household size of 6–10 members (45%) and possessing secondary education (48%). Furthermore, majority (85%) of the producers were members of cooperative society who chiefly (78%) participate in shea nut processing with moderate (51.7%) processing capacity. The result of probit regression analysis shows that access to credit, access to modern equipments, factory size, income from SBP, education and marital status significantly influenced the participation of women in SBP in the study area. The provision of modern processing equipments, training of women on marketing strategy and trends as well as provision of extension services among others were recommended.