A Step from the Digital Technology Era: The Utilization of the Internet in Melung Village, Banyumas Regency

  • S. Bekti Istiyanto
  • Wisnu Widjanarko
  • Bambang Widodo
  • Ch. Herutomo
  • Divandra Putri Luvithania
Keywords: internet, Melung Village, digital technology, utilization


One of several regions in Indonesia that is considered to have carried out the process of adapting the digital technology era is Melung Village, a village located in Kedungbanteng District, Banyumas Regency. Melung Village has geographical constraints, which is on the edge of the forest, at the foot of Mount Selamet, and the level of competence of human resources is still low, but is actively and continuously trying to develop internet progress in its village. The purpose of this study is to obtain an overview of the use of the internet in Melung Village to face the era of digital technology. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method with data collection techniques using observation, in-depth interviews, and document studies to get an overview of the use of the internet in Melung Village. The results of the study indicate that the existence of the internet in Melung Village has been used to create internet literate village profiles through the village's official website and various social media platforms by village officials; used for online learning from the village hall; as a medium for promoting village UMKM; and dissemination of various information about development or the results that have been achieved by the village government of Melung Village.