A Study on Challenges to Utilization of Health Services among Physically Disabled Patients: A Case Study of Provincial General Hospital Kurunegala Sri Lanka

  • I. P. Wickramasinghe
Keywords: physically disabled people, utilization of health services, barriers and challenges for utilization of health services, reasons for underutilization


Introduction: Utilization of health services among physically disabled people is poor and they face various challenges for the utilization of health services than the normal population due to their disability. Objectives: To describe the challenges for the utilization of health services among physically disabled patients attending Orthopedic clinics, Provincial General Hospital Kurunegala (PGHK). Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted using an interviewer administered questionnaire. Using the patient attendance register as the sampling frame, 427 of patients who attend the Orthopedic clinics, PGHK were recruited. Results: Among the study participants (53.63%) who had needs for utilizing health services after getting disabled, 48.47% utilized health services. The most frequent challenge among those who utilized health services after getting disabled was transport difficulty. The most frequent reason for underutilization of health services among those who had needs to utilize health services was poor general health/disability. Conclusion & Recommendations: Physically disabled people attending Orthopedic clinics, PGHK showed poor utilization of health services due to various challenges following their disability. These issues should be addressed to improve their utilization of health services.