Key Economic Development Policies Southeast in Vietnam from 2000 to 2020

  • Nguyen Phuoc Trong
Keywords: development policy, key economic regions, planning, economy


Our country currently has four key economic regions, including the Northern key economic region, the Central key economic region, the Southern key economic region and the Mekong Delta key economic region with a total of 24 provinces, central cities. It is necessary to closely link the key economic regions in the leading role of socio-economic development. The Government sets out the task of studying appropriate zoning, improving the quality of planning in the direction of integration and multi-sector, as well as better exploiting and bringing into play the potentials and advantages of each region in terms of infrastructure, natural conditions, geo-political-economic position, and human resources. The article focuses on clarifying the development policies of the Southern key economic region and drawing some experiences to contribute to the improvement of development policies.