Strategies to Develop Competencies of Health Science Educators: A Systematic Review

  • Ausanee Wanchai
  • Chanakan Sangkhamkul
  • Duangjai Phrompayak
Keywords: competency, health science educators, faculty development, competency development


This systematic review aimed to identify strategies for developing health science educators’ competencies based on published academic papers. The authors searched for articles published within a restricted period from January 2013 to December 31, 2021, using the ScienceDirect, Scopus, PubMed, and CINAHL databases. The final review included nine papers. The results showed that building health science educators' competencies can be classified into two main methods: 1) learning from mentors and 2) attending seminars/workshops. Learning from mentors for at least one year was more likely to change educators' teaching behaviors. Attending seminars/workshops in various patterns, including a single seminar, periodic workshops, and seminar modules, could improve health science educators’ teaching knowledge. However, attending seminars/workshops cannot help develop competencies in other aspects. This systematic review showed that mentoring was more effective than attending seminars or workshops in developing the competencies of new health science educators. Therefore, providing a mentor to novice educators would be helpful.